It seems that today there should be a lot of tools that allow you to collect data. But the reality is that no tool other than CDP (Customer Data Platform) can assemble a three-dimensional user profile for each individual.
Collaborative filters, neural networks,
speed, security
CDP (Customer Data Platform) collects data about users and starts a separate account for each one of them a profile that contains all the information: transactions, behavior, interests, social networks, geolocations, viewed pages, etc.

Visitor centralizes data and allows you to work with it in a single window.

The data is used to retain the user and anticipate their interests: your mailings and advertisements will be the most effective. CDP allows you to conduct high-quality analytics and prevent users from leaving for competitors.

All data in one place
Possibility of enrichment at the expense of side data providers.
A three-dimensional user profile
The system collects data and visualizes it in the user's card.
Working with both online and offline sources
The system collects data about user behavior not only on the Internet, but also outside of it.
Possibility of enrichment at the expense of side data providers
More data = more analytics.
The technology is patented in the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), is accredited by The Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) and fully complies with the Federal law 152 "About personal data".

Visitor is a SaaS platform consisting of several modules: data collection and processing, analytics and visualization, integration and marketing automation.

The platform allows you to enrich user data from various sources: websites, social networks, advertising offices, mailing services, analytics, CRM and DMP systems, and find the most targeted segments for solving various tasks. For example, sell a new or related product, make an additional sale for the most relevant consumers.

The system is designed for those who are engaged in Internet marketing and want to:
Make personalized offers to users more effective
Collect as much information as possible about potential and current customers
Store collected data in a neat, technological databases
Work with client segments as efficiently as possible
Advantages of Visitor technology:
Collaborative filtering
Collaborative filtering principles are used to predict a person's preferences. The system evaluates a person's behavior on the Internet and assigns them the most potentially interesting offers.
Neural networks
Neural networks are trained on data and every day they make better and better predictions and suggest who and when to offer, and what kind of product to offer to make the customer as satisfied as possible.
Speed: quickly segments-, audiences-, multi-channel sequences building with minimal performance consumption. We use an advanced programming language that allows you to achieve high speed.
All traffic is encrypted. Personal data does not leave the project ecosystem, and the risk of information leakage is minimized.
Many of the integrations and aggregations
In addition, a special API has been developed there, it allows you to integrate any system that works with user data.
Visitor is a simple and clear solution for
making your database more extensive in terms of knowledge
about users, more efficient to use.
Marketing personalization in Visitor has been brought to the highest level.
Your customers will become permanent and your sales will grow.
Need to collect data?
To make advertising effective?
You need to personalize your marketing?