A three-dimensional user profile, segmentation, integrations with various systems, analytics, machine learning
The key features of Visitor are:
A three-dimensional user profile
Psychology and logic of the client.
Client's buying experience, preferences and desires. Not just their names, phone numbers, or emails, and the pages they visited - all of geolocation and more.
A structured customer database is right in front of your eyes.
Separately placed customers with a high average check; separately placed a very hot / hot / loyal / cold audience.

Machine learning
The system is constantly improving and self-learning. The machine learning system includes: classification, regression, and clustering.

Visitor analyzes customers and all their actions. Visitor analyzes the success of an advertising campaign. Visitor analyzes sales.
Integrations with various systems
Website analytics systems, advertising systems, email marketing systems, messenger marketing systems, website support platforms, mobile user tracking platforms, and integration into systems that are important to you.

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