Our team
Visitor was created for marketers by marketers.
Our team has realized more than a thousand complex advertising campaigns, but our work has been systematically hampered by problems related to ad campaign management, audience analytics, and user segmentation.

Three years before the product was developed, we worked almost with two hundred clients, and each time the systematization of the database spent a huge amount of time of our specialists. Maintaining the database up-to-date and trying to manually enrich it with data always failed. Now that's in the past.

In Visitor, user data is collected and analyzed automatically and formed into neat databases. The system has dozens of ready-made scenarios, provides tips on personal offers for customers using smart machine learning algorithms. You will clearly see the best ways to reach users' hearts. In addition, the advertising company will cost you 7 times cheaper.

About us
Maxim Polkunov
commercial director
Kirill Kolos
general director
Dmitry Vasiliev
technical director
Ivan Chikishev
back-end developer
Ksenia Dunaeva
Sergey Belov
front-end developer