Visitor is an ideal solution for any type of business that requires a lot of data analysis. E-commerce, online platforms, streaming services and more of it.
We can also design a unique integration exceptionally fo your company
Advantages of Visitor
Visitor effectively closes your pain
All data in one place
If a person has ever bought something from you — all information about transactions and user behavior will be in Visitor.
There's no need to spam now
The system will determine the most interesting event for the user, and you will be able to invite him to it.
Here & now
Visitor allows you to track user actions here and now. Even if the person did not buy anything from you before, you will still have all the information about him.
Let's consider the first situation
A performance that hasn't been on the stage for several years is returning to the theater.
Input data: a well-known director of photography, high ticket prices.

Standard solution.

The marketer uploads a database of all consumers from the ticket operator's website to an Excel file. While unloading a number of parameters are lost, and the specialist spends hours forming segments. Then the same marketer or employee of an advertising agency uploads the database to the advertising offices. Bottom line: the ad campaign is designed superficially, segmentation is primitive, and the development process takes at least a day.

The solution with Visitor

With Visitor, the marketer will find the data of all users who did not go to the performance in three or four clicks. In four more clicks, he/she will identify those who previously went to the performances of that Director of photography, filter them by the high average check. In the next 5 minutes, scripts will be created directly from the interface for sending messages to users using the specified layouts. Next, the audience will be automatically uploaded to the advertising Cabinet, and after another 5 minutes, the ad will start.

In total, the entire process will take about 15 minutes, and the theater's marketing communication will become personalized and effective.

Let's consider the second situation
A large bank is considering proposals for sponsorship integrations in sports teams for the launch of a new product — special credit conditions for the purchase of a car.
Input data: the audience is men 35-45 years old, businessmen, from Moscow.

Standard solution. Conclusions about the audience will be made on the basis of the data provided by the club and on the basis of a sample survey of one hundred people. The probability of an accurate hit in the Target Audience is unlikely, much of that depends on the quality of the investigation. There is a great risk of choosing an unreliable partner.
The solution with Visitor.

With Visitor, the club will have full information about its users, their interests and needs. The club will be able to convey the bank's offers to the audience of interest, make a forecast of target audience coverage, forecast conversions and predict sales volume.